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How to Create Your Own Efficient Custom Home

Date posted: January 16, 2015

In today’s world, time is money and having every aspect of your life work efficiently is key. If you are building a custom home in New Smyrna Beach, keep the idea of efficiency on your mind. You and your contractor can come up with a plan to make your new home affordable while creating little custom touches that make your home more efficient.

Custom Corner Pantry

Every home needs a pantry. Not just any pantry either, it should be a pantry where you can have all of your staples organized and have enough stored to last a month. This is not a “hole in the wall” type of pantry, this should be “it’s very own room” type of pantry.

For starters, build the pantry in the corner of the kitchen. This will create a more efficient and usable space in your pantry while keeping the bulk of the kitchen available. Put shelves in the pantry from floor to ceiling with a step stool that will help you get to the goods on the top shelf. Be sure to leave a space in the corner for a Lazy Susan. It revolves around so you can store more goods and get to everything easily. This is an affordable customization that can help you utilize as much space as you can.

Recessed Outlets

One thing that every modern home has is electrical outlets. They are seen on just about every wall in every house but when you have multiple devices plugged into these outlets, you are often cursed with looking at unsightly wires and cords.

Chances are, you will have one wall where you will hang your television, cable box, game centers and stereo system and your media console won’t sit flush against it. When you choose this wall, add in a new style element that will be located behind the television. It is a recessed outlet. This outlet is easy to add to your home and is set in a recessed portion of the wall so the electronics will hang over it making it useful but invisible. Nothing besides a thin cord will be sticking out so your media console can go straight up against the wall. You can add other touches to it like a place for the cable outlet and even a USB plugin.

Something for Fido

You love your dog. He is a part of your family and just like any other member of your family, he should have his own space too. It is easier than you think to build a custom kennel into virtually any part of your home. Have extra cabinet space that you don’t use? Slip a doggy bed into it, take off the cabinet doors and add a see through gate instead. Now you have a custom built-in dog kennel. You can do this in the kitchen, under the stairs even in a built-in bookcase or under a bed. This is a spot where your dog can have his or her own private space.

The small things are what make a custom home; the things that make your life easier, the built-in pieces that don’t take up any additional room but serve a purpose. Your New Smyrna Beach contractor will help you find the perfect elements that you can add while building your own custom home.

By the way, don’t forget that we do custom home renovations as well as building new custom homes.

Remodel Ideas for a New Smyrna Beach Bathroom

Date posted: December 16, 2014

Due to its frequent use by family and friends alike, one of the best places to start remodeling your home is the bathroom. This is usually a fairly small space with limited options that can really be changed, but if done correctly, a small space like this can be made into one of the most appreciated rooms in the whole home. There are several popular remodeling ideas for the bathroom available out there, and here are just a few to help you get those creative juices flowing and get you one step closer to getting the job done.


A great way to make a small space like the bathroom really stand out is to change the flooring so that it differs from the rest of the living space. One distinctive flooring option that will leave your guests utterly impressed is the shiny penny floor. Utilize the different patinas of the pennies to create a design effect of your own imagination. You can also try alternating the sides of the pennies when laying them down to give your floor a checkered look. Use a clear epoxy to cover your design, giving the floor a glossy finish, or use grout after the pennies are fixed to the floor.

By laying down a colored grout you have found a truly inspired way to make something wildly unique. Try using a matching copper colored grout to create an all over effect, or another popular grout color to use is teal; this color will nicely compliment the copper color of the pennies and lend itself to using teal for accent colors. While the penny floor looks absolutely stunning, you also are conveniently spending less per square foot than most flooring options out there.


Another popular remodeling idea is to include an accent wall that will draw the eye. A popular accent wall idea is to put reflective mirrored tiles on the wall opposite of where a mirror will be placed; paired with the right lighting, your bathroom will all of a sudden feel twice as big. You should stagger the tiles rather than placing them in straight columns and rows, this will give you the desired subway tile effect but with so much more. Another fabulous accent wall idea that will give your bathroom a more rustic feel is to use reclaimed wood to fix to the wall. Sand the wood and then finish it using a stain. Whether you go more natural with the stain, or use a color stain that complements the wall color (a lighter tone is suggested), this will really pop.

Floating sink

Custom Bathroom Sink New Smyrna Beach

If you have a sink that currently sits on a pedestal, a great way to gain that extra foot of space is to replace it with a floating sink. You will be amazed at how this modern feature will make the space feel much bigger. Because this upgrade might take away from storage space, putting in recessed cabinet storage is a must. Having a cabinet or drawer that is flush with the wall will keep the room feeling uncluttered and is a wonderful way to keep the unsightly cleaning supplies and back up toilet paper out of sight.

If you want the job done properly and quickly, then you should hire a remodeling contractor to come in and get your custom home remodels underway. Contact Blue Wave Construction, New Smyrna Beach contractor, today to get started on transitioning your bathroom from a boring dull space into your sanctuary. Have you remodeled your bathroom? We would love to see photos! Header over to our and join the conversation!

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Why It Pays to Build that Custom Beach Home

Date posted: November 20, 2014

In the dead of winter, nothing feels better than booking a plane ticket to a warm, coastal place, like New Smyrna Beach. Few things are more satisfying after months of damp and cold than lounging in the sun and soaking in those tropical rays. After a few days, or weeks, it seems a shame to return home to winter coats and wool socks, just to face another few months of icy weather. Fortunately, a number of investors and savvy real estate shoppers have discovered that returning home doesn’t have to feel bittersweet. By investing in a custom built beach home in Central Florida, the sun is always just a quick plane ride away.


Shopping smart in sunny Florida

A huge number of Americans and foreigners migrate for a few weeks to Florida during the harsh winters to enjoy the beaches, local food, and laidback coastal culture that Florida has to offer. Contrary to popular belief, shopping for homes in Florida is much more financially reasonable than many buyers anticipate.

Though there are expensive areas, many beach towns in Florida offer great deals on small homes to fit your family, many of which are in walking distance to the beach. New Smyrna Beach, on the eastern seaboard a few hours south of Jacksonville, is a great option for home buyers. A recent update of market trends in New Smyrna Beach deemed it one of the most affordable markets in Florida, with houses very close to the water ranging in the low $100,000 range, and generally no more than the mid $200,000 range for more expensive homes. There are also a huge number of construction markets in these booming areas, giving many families the opportunity to build that dream home they always imagined. In New Smyrna, home contractors can build a house at a fraction of the cost of other, pricier markets.

Renting out, saving big

The best way to keep your beach house affordable is to take advantage of the winter beach craze and rent it out to families and travelers who frequent the area each year. Making sure that you keep up your beach house means that the property values will remain consistent, and in the high season it is more than possible to pay for the mortgage payment and taxes with money made from renters. Make your home appealing to renters by offering plenty of sleeping space to suit larger families, and providing necessities like towels, shampoo, and guidebooks to the area.

Many families find that renting a vacation home for a few weeks is much more cost effective and pleasant than renting a hotel, especially if the house is right on the beach. Marketing is key to finding renters, so find a great online forum to post your beach house rental and take some photos of that beautiful white sand and sun. Renting is a great way to pay the bills, and in some cases even make a small profit, while owning the perfect vacation home. Just don’t forget to schedule your own vacation in before you’re fully booked!

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