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What to Consider before Construction Begins on Your New Home

Building a new home is major investment, and if you are living in the New Smyrna Beach area, you have many different variables to consider before you begin. As you are starting this long process, make sure you are not forgetting any of these important aspects:

The principle thing to keep in mind before beginning construction on your new home is to make sure everything is the way you want it, and that you’re keeping all of the little details in mind as you move forward. Do you want to control exterior lighting from the master bedroom? Would it be a good idea to pre-wire for speakers or security devices? By talking with your home builder and reviewing the floor plan before construction begins, you can gain a greater degree of control and customization over the building process and ensure that you get the most out of your home.

Hindsight is 20/20, and there are a number of small tweaks that most homeowners wish they had remembered. Be sure not to forget to leave yourself ample closet and cupboard space. The location of your HVAC unit is something to consider as well. Locations store dog crates or litter boxes, receptacles for fire extinguishers, soundproofing are all small details that might go unnoticed. There are larger concerns too, like ceiling height or hallway width, which are factors that can drastically change the look and feel of your new dwelling space. The list goes on, and setting priorities is certainly helpful. You can decide for yourself which of these options fall closer to the top or bottom of your list.

Maximizing energy efficiency is another important thing to keep in mind when planning your new home. South-facing windows will allow you to save on lighting, and having proper insulation will keep your home at the temperature you want at an affordable price. Different options in roofing, windows, faucet and shower heads should be considered as ways to both save you money and stay green.

Even though the last thought in your mind before your new house is under construction is resale, it is probably a good idea to plan ahead and think about what choices you are making are going to affect the market value of your house down the line, or how future renovations might be affected. It’s important for every home to have character, but perhaps not so much character that no one other than the original owner is interested in living in it!

As the old adage goes, the main thing to consider is location, location, location. Look for property in newer, up and coming areas to ensure that you make the most of your investment. Size is an important factor too, as smaller homes tend to sell quicker than larger ones. Finally, when adding that extra touch of personality to your home, try to find options that can be changed down the road. For example, accent lights or new curtains might be a better option than a more eclectic choice of exterior.

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